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Below, please find additional archived materials as presented in NDOT's 2021 Virtual Public meeting.


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Landscape & Aesthetics

Theme: Force of Nature

This 10-mile segment of the I-15 corridor is located within the Native Mojave Desert Subsection, as defined by the I-15 Landscape and Aesthetics Corridor Plan, with the I-15 and North Las Vegas Boulevard Interchange being designated as a Las Vegas Valley Community Gateway. The overall project is located, in what was part of a prehistoric lake nearly 520-million years ago. Among the significant natural features that border the west side of the project are the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, the Sheep Mountain Range, the Muddy River, and the Las Vegas Dunes. Bordering the east side of the project are Valley of Fire State Park, Frenchman’s Mountain, and Lake Mead National Recreation. The 10-mile segment is bookended at the north and south by US-93 and CC-215 respectively. The design intent of this project is to celebrate the unique landscape of the Las Vegas Valley with a focus on some specific plant and animal species as well as unique natural geological processes that have defined and shaped the Las Vegas Valley.

There are four areas along the 10-mile segment of the project that will receive landscape and aesthetic improvements with the primary locations being at the I-15/Speedway Boulevard intersection and the I-15/Las Vegas Boulevard intersection.

Scroll through the images below to view the landscape and aesthetic plans and design renderings.